Lucky Dube

If there is one language on earth that everyone understands, then it’s music.As soon as the rhythm hits you, you will not feel any pain.The Lucky Dube Experience consists of professional musicians, who share the same love and message of the legendary reggae artist called Lucky Dube. It all started with a wish. Ween in 2013 Joey Jermain Martina and Faisal Bass met.When they later met Drummer Ige Arc and Ciel and toured with them, the Foundation of The lucky Dube Experience Band was cast in concrete. In early 2018 Joeg was approached by Ability abe Ngcobo, the manager of Lucky Dube’s original band, to tour with them when they come to Europe. This was a great time to revive the love for lucky Dube. Fabian Faré, M.O.K, ShiK-R and later Björn a.k.a Binghi Nyah joined them, and the house was finished.We soon found out that, even dough he is no longer with is in body, his message has gained eternal life. The Band is like a family. Together they share the love for lucky Dube’s music. For a number of artists Lucky Dube is the reason that they play music. They want to honor his music and spread the powerfulmessages he gave to the world.When we look around us, we see how important his music is for this generation.We give the people what they want to hear and that is not in our hands, but in God’s hands.This what we do has started with a prayer. As mentioned above, no one can replace Lucky Dube.Our mission is to uplift people through reggae music. So together we grow stronger(together as one).We are not here to fight each other, but to love each other, becauce he taught us to share reggae music with the world.