Elisha Amonoo-Neizer

Elisha Amonoo-Neizer is a passionate 23 year old Musician and a talented instrumentalist. Based in Amsterdam. His passion and love for music began at the age of 6, playing the keyboard and daydreaming about performing in front of crowds, little did he know, he would be here today: a songwriter, producer and a music mentor for young people. Elisha was blessed, being surrounded by influential, talented family members and friends, who enhanced his confidence to write, produce and perform powerfully; especially, being the first to pursue a music career being the youngest amongst two elder brothers. A main role model in his life is his Father; as he saw the musical talent of his son and encouraged him to play the keyboard every Sunday for church services. For Elisha, that meant listening to the flow and euphoria that gospel/Christian music brings to others, it made him eager to go into depth within different music sectors.

Elisha’s mentor: Elvis E, was a great motivator and helped him at the age of 17 to play all around Europe, countries included: Germany, England and Holland etc. The words spoken by Elvis E were to ‘go out into the world and broadcast your gift’ – those words followed Elisha, even till this day. In 2017, a call was received from Hammond asking if he would like the opportunity to work alongside their company. Honoured, ecstatic and shocked, the pretty easiest way to describe how he felt. From the moment he tried out his new Hammond SK2, he fell in love with it.